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Additives to compatibilize Complex blends

We find complex plastic structures in several industries; complex structures (more than two different materials) provide excellent performance, but when they have to be disposed or recycled, the actual strategy is to send the to landfills.

Our proposal is to recycle them, it's possible! it´s ecologically correct and it´s economically feasible!.

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We´ve successfully recycled the PE-PET-EVOH multilayer. Are you interested in our results?, contact us!

When suppliers of Automotive OEMs produce defective parts, they need to be scrapped and shredded because mixed plastic streams are typically difficult to recycle. Disposal of these post-industrial automotive shredder residues (ASR) represents a problem in the multiples of 100 k of Tons per year that is typically confined in land fills

Let us show you one example:

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Open Loop recycling of IP Panels

Other Applications

Value Proposition

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PVC skin


Polypropylene granulate

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Are you interested in the mechanical properties we obtained compatibilizing recycled carpet?, contact us!

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