Research & Development

AddiCo was founded as a technology based company which is constantly investing in new R&D developments focused on solving our customer’s needs.

Our company has formed a network with public and private research centers as well as with specialized researchers who are constantly developing new additives.

Our core experience covers from polymer synthesis, specially using Controlled Radical Polymerization processes, to synthesis using reactive extrusion, polymer blends, polymer composites, thermal and mechanical properties of polymers and polymer analyses.

Our pilot plant is currently located inside CIATEQ, Lerma, a polymer focused public R&D center with which we have a long term collaboration agreement.

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Our Mission

To provide unique and cost efficient solutions to the polymer market

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Innovation is at the core of all our actions and is the engine that propels our products and projects.

Our Development and Quality Facilities

Polymer Synthesis:

  • 1.5 lts. Glass reactors
  • 5.0 gallon SS batch reactor
  • 4.0 gallon batch finishing reactor

Polymer Processing:

  • 20 mm Twin screw extruder with liq. inj. capabilities and solids side feeder
  • Strand Pelletizer
  • Underwater Pelletizer (ready in 2017)

Polymer Testing:

  • Universal Testing Machine
  • HDT and Vicat measuring machine
  • Melt flow indexer
  • Notched Izod Impact strength tester

Polymer Analytics:

  • Ultramicrotome with cryo capabilities