AddiCo is a company with several years of experience

in the design and production of polymer additives by controlled radical polymerization and reactive extrusion. Its products are used effectively as:



For polyesters and polyamides



For polymer blends



Energy modifiers



For fillers and nanofillers

These additives present advantages in cost and performance versus existing products in the market and provide unique solutions to many different applications

Our Company

AddiCo was founded in 2013 in Huixquilucan, México. Our synthesis laboratory was set up in July of that year and in early 2014 we started our pilot lab extruder, this facility allowed the development of our functional polyolefins product line. Our plan for 2017 is to build a new facility to house our growing R&D and administrative areas.

AddiCo has a technology platform that allows control of chemical functionality and polarity in its acrylic copolymers; therefore, it can design solutions for diverse application needs.

The copolymers synthesized by AddiCo bear a dormant free radical at the end of the polymer chains; this enables them to graft into selected polyolefins backbones. AddiCo copolymers are grafted to polyolefins in a reactive extrusion process to generate additives, named as AddiCo GPO (“Grafted Polyoleins”) which are very compatible with polyolefins that could be used to enhance adhesion of other polymers to polyolefins or change their surface energy/polarity.

Strategic alliances have been key to Addico´s growth. Besides our epoxy functional additives we also sell Polyscope´s maleic anhydride containing styrenic additives in America.

Our products are sold in Europe and Asia through our distributors Grolman and West One.

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